Coast Guard of Lanthor

End of "Darkness", for now...

So this “Darkness” dude is a real freak. As we continued on into his mansion (trap?), we found a room where the only thing to do was drink a potion that would shrink us to 1/8th or 1/10th our normal size. We did it, eventually, only to find ourselves fighting normal-sized frogs and fish, then rats, then wererats!!!! One of us, the elfie spell caster, went down under a pile of rats, presumably dead, but then the next round, he popped out as an extra head on the ogre. WTF?

After a huge fight under these new circumstances, a ghostly silver unicorn appeared and touched each of us with its horn. It told us we are chosen, whatever that means, and we will do great things, including saving the world from “Darkness”. At least I think that is what it said…

We proceeded to the next room, where we found a logic puzzle. Harry and I guessed the answer, which opened a door so we could move forward. In the hallway just beyond, Ogre found a slide/pit trap that (s)he managed NOT to fall into. We found our way down after Ogre jammed the drop.

Around the next corner we found a guest room with food and showers. Even though Ogre was supposed to stand first watch and then wake me for second watch, (s)he fell asleep and we were outrageously unprotected ALL NIGHT LONG, until I woke up early. A bucket of water and some sharp words fixed that problem, though, and we started to look around us.

Harry found a place he thought was a secret door, and sure enough, it was. Beyond it we found all the stuff we had when we came to this house (all our gear), and a passage on. As we moved through, we all turned normal-sized again. Ogre and the elfie type somehow miraculously separated into themselves, and we all put on our own clothes and gear.

We heard “Darkness” tell us this was the final chapter. About then we looked around and found ourselves in a huge mirrored room. Duplicates of each of us appeared out of the mirrors and attacked, and so the final fight was us against… us, more or less. Naturally, we won.

After it was all over, we heard “Darkness” clapping and cheering for us. He said we had given him more than enough material to prove his doctoral thesis, somethng about the mindset of the HERO. He also told us that Reggie (the goblin from the local village) had sold out during the fight and was now a follower of Shay’nara. We thought he had taken a suspicious amount of damage, so we “inspected” his shoulder and found a mark that said “Property of Shay’nara”. Now what to do with him?

After that, “Darkness” thanked us and opened up the house doors to let us out. He promised that all the villagers we came here to save (at least, all of them that had not been eaten yet) would be waiting for us upstairs. Upstairs we found about half of the missing, bedraggled but ok. All the skeleton tenders we saw before were now little piles of bones on the ground, as if their animating force had gone. We found enough boats at the dock to take all of the villagers home, and there was much rejoicing!

Once the party was over, we tried to convince Reggie (the tainted goblin) to join us in the Coast Guard, but he wasn’t sure he wanted to. I guess we will have to see what he wants to do in the near future…


Good write up, but it was Reginald (Reggie) the Eldakar mage/priest who got “Out of the Frying pan” when he died and got Shay’nara’s mark. Danny is the Goblin.

End of "Darkness", for now...
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