Coast Guard of Lanthor

First Sea Battle

We have been assigned to the Enterprise, which patrols the coast. The other day we were cruising along when we found a big, beautiful elven ship (it almost glowed a little) being attacked by foul pirates!! A sea battle ensued between our ship and the three small pirate ships attacking the elves. I didn’t follow the intricacies of it all—it seemed like a lot of turning so that we could fire ballistas and catapults at the pirate ships. Eventually we closed into boarding range, and THEN things got interesting.

The pirates had a mage that kept messing with Ogre’s mind. Fortunately she (he?) didn’t go for the swim the mage recommended. We will have to find a way to keep that sort of suggestion from happening again. Then my stupid, foolish, overconfident Harry got too close to the bad guys and got his ticket punched. I am truly not sure how he didn’t die. He will carry a nasty scar on his belly for years to come. We were actually mopping up the pirates fairly well when the last three (including the mage… grrr) surrendered enthusiastically. Since we work for the government now, we had to honor their surrender, but I don’t think that sat well with any of us. Still, we took their ship, sank the second ship, and the third ship bravely ran away. We are heroes, again!! Lieutenant Dan was there to take the credit, just like always, but he made sure we all got promotions from it, too. The elves have sworn their gratitude to us, also, so it was a good days work.


faradhii allileibowitz42

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