Coast Guard of Lanthor

More "Darkness"

So after we fought off some psychotic freak that calls himself “Darkness”, he withdrew, and his gargoyle slave followed along. The rest of the night we healed up and stood guard.

At dawn, we headed out the direction the gargoyle went, but this IS a swamp. As temperatures soared, so did our tempers, until lunchtime, when we heard the taunting voice again. The voice suggested that that night was something big. I knew it was a full moon, which is mostly important to werewolves, which was concerning. The others took naps in the afternoon, but Ogre and I couldn’t sleep, so we watched.

We traveled on, and at sunset we found a small island to camp on. We built a fire just as the sun went down. I felt like we were being watched, but nothing was in sight. Not much happened until about 4 am, when the howling started. We prepared for a werewolf attack, and that bastard taunting voice said he’d be seeing us soon. (How do I strangle a disembodied voice? Must look into that…)

THEN the fireworks began. Just as five werewolves closed in to attack us, a small, angry creature darted up from the edge of the water. His wild flurry of attacks killed one werewolf outright, while the rest of us stared. When we recovered our wits, we joined the fight, not sure if this creature was our friend but positive that it was a foe of “Darkness”.
Our spellcaster went down, and Ogre invoked some sort of magic to save him, but after that everything went suddenly white…


faradhii allileibowitz42

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