Coast Guard of Lanthor

Nest of Darkness

Slightly R rated.

After saving the Elvish Nation ambassador L’shanhalanthalanondialtharon (L’shana) from the pirates a reception is held for the heroes. Fortunately they are required to wear dress uniform as only Reginald, the Eldakar, has fine clothing. In order to see how everyone functions in “polite:”" society Persuasion rolls are required modified by 2 for their recent “elf friend” favor tokens. Everyone is successful including the rather unlikely celebrity of the evening, Ogre the Ogre. (Link rolled a 30 in a rather unlikely exploding persuasion roll, I swear the whole table witnessed it!!!) Ogre was so impressive that he caught the attention of L’shana who offered him a position as bodyguard and, with a successful notice roll, Ogre thought he caught a hint of something else? (this may rub some people the wrong way, but I generally consider the longer lived races to be more or less hippies when it comes to general sexual mores, after all, if you live forever you have to fight boredom somehow!) Ogre invites L’shana for an after dinner drink and with another very high persuasion roll (even counting the outsider negative) she accepts. Vigor rolls are rolled and Ogre fails but spends a benny for a re-roll and does very well, in the 18’s. I roll giving a +4 for experience, +2 for defining interest, etc. and here I open end like crazy and get in the 30’s. Jokes turn from Ogre breaking the Elf to “The Elf broke the Ogre!!!” The next day Ogre sends flowers and L’shana thinks to herself “who are these from?” (again, sexual mores are fluid in my game, this Eldakar simply used the Ogre for a nights amusement).

Meanwhile Harry (Elaines familiar pixie) was quite the hit at the party and attends the after party where, being Brawny, he is the largest pixie there and finds plenty of companionship himself. Elaine gets worried and looks for him, deciding to "just step inside the after party for “Just a minute”". Stepping inside she is treated to what she KNOWS was a large empty room is now a glade with a waterfall, bowers, Alakar and Eldakar in various states of undress (think Arabian nights) She finds Harry, but loses her clothing and has a wonderful night ending up with Ash who was in attendance but who doesn’t remember her the next day. (think that scene at Hansel’s loft in Zoolander).

Reginald has no trouble and needs no rolls to find companionship (he IS an Eldakar after all!) and Mordecai decides not to participate.

The next day they are assigned to investigate some strange disappearances in a small village to the NW named Hawthorne that makes it’s living shipping rare herbs/skins from the nearby Dimurk swamp. Arriving there they find a well laid out, prosperous village. Investigation finds that nothing has left any tracks on roofs, the shutters were latched from the inside. Hunters have gone missing (not unusual, but unusual in these numbers). They decide to “head towards the peril” and travel into the swamp in a direction that they are told the last hunter vanished in. That night the swamp grows quiet, too quiet! Reginald and Ogre are on watch and here a voice from the night “Ah, the city has finally sent some brave heroes to investigate! Please, wake your friends!” Elaine, Harry, and Mordecai are woken and the voice continues (Mordecai makes a high Notice roll and sees a mist off to the North) "you may call me “Darkness” not my real name of course, but names have power don’t they Reginald? Yes I have the village children, some are not even dead! Are you prepared to find them? Let’s see!"

Skeletons erupt from the ground upon which the party was camped, not very impressive individually, but in numbers….. A large Zombie figure with a silver collar strides forth and the party does battle. Mordecai is downed but healed with a nasty scar (hot iron adventure card) Reginald uses his power of the ascended card to get essence free bolt spell. elaine orders harry to taunt the enemy but Harry makes a successful smarts roll to know that undead won’t be taunted and simply provides gang up and stabs with his Elvish Letter opener. The minor skeletons are defeated with Reginald taking a bad wound from one whom he cose to ignore (go exploding damage dice!). the large zombie is downed after hurting Ogre but keeps getting back up every round (Troll zombie, I know that’s not really how fast regeneration works, but whack-a-mole was fun!) Elaine finally realizes that harry can use cantrip to start the campfire the party had waiting and uses the fire to put down the troll.

In addition 2 gargoyles were firing arrows/fighting. They proved a great challenge but one was downed and the other successfully fled. “Darkness” taunted Reginald with Elaines success at using fire when it should have been the genius Eldakar who figured it out and told them he’d be seeing them soon!!


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