Coast Guard of Lanthor


So after we saved the elven ambassador and her whole, shiny ship, the Coast Guard and the elves threw us a very formal, military party for our heroic deeds. The party was very formal and very official (yawn), but they served good snacks. The AFTER-PARTY, though, was amazing! Everyone got lucky!! (Except the flying elf—he didn’t show up.)

Next day, Lt. Dan woke us with the news that we would be shipping out to investigate some serious disappearances at the far-flung village of Hawthorne, on the fringes of the Dimurk swamp. The village is known for selling swamp herbs and animals useful for the magic arts.

After some travel, we arrived to meet the villagers and hear their stories of the village children being taken, hunters disappearing, strange visions, etc. We didn’t find any evidence of foul-play in the village, so the second day there, we set off to investigate the swamp.

That night, we set up camp and set watches. We decided to lay out a fire but not light it, for fear of attracting unwanted attention. Before first watch was over, though, a voice was heard, goading, gloating, a voice that called itself simply, “Darkness”. We all jumped up and armed ourselves just as a wave of skeletons and undead rose from the ground around us!! There was continuous fighting, but each time we thought we would get the upper hand, more undead arose, and the voice taunted us again. Finally it occurred to me that we must be missing something, some hint, and I thought about DARKNESS. I yelled for Harry to start the fire for some light, and when he did, the tide turned. We beat back the undead, and Darkness complimented my figuring out the trap. We killed all but one monster, and that one ran away. We won, for the moment, but the dawn was still far away…


faradhii allileibowitz42

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