Coast Guard of Lanthor


We made it back to the village of Hawthorne, after having rescued all of the survivors of "Darkness"’s cowardly attack. When the villagers saw that we had brought back their friends and family, they threw us a HUGE party!!!

I asked for fine wine, and they produced a bottle like none of us had ever seen. It was all dusty, with elven runes on it, and Reggie said it was made for an ancient elven king. He also said I shouldn’t drink it because it was too valuable. PBBBBTTTT!!! I laughed at him and opened it up. OMG. It was the BEST WINE EVER.

There were lots of games and drinking contests and fun, lasting well into the night…

The next day, we joined the villagers for a celebratory hunt, for something called a kraken?

The villagers were accustomed to hunting this thing, but they told us it was very dangerous. The winged elf flew up and found a juvenile of the animal they described , and then the hunt was on!

Just as things started, I stood up and threw a harpoon at the thing, which neatly skewered it through the eye, and it died. Reggie threw some sort of spell at the same time… not sure what that was, but it probably helped…

We rowed back with the kraken’s corpse, and then it was BEACH PARTY!! The kraken BBQ was exquisite, but everyone but Ogre could eat only a small portion of their share. (Ogre ate ALL of his(hers?)). The rest of us sold our shares for a lot of money, but I get the feeling Ogre did not regret eating all of his(hers) at all…


faradhii allileibowitz42

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